Theda’s Touch

Went to Clive’s concert with Nur today. We got to the Land Rover pub after getting to Ottersberg mit dem Zug.

Well, last time being there was just a rehearsal in November, have to say they really improved somehow with a new guitarist. There was some problem with the DJ in the opening so that Clive’s voice wasn’t very clearly heard.

In the 1990s, when I had not even known there were CDs, he already got their band’s first album released. Yet soon afterwards the keyboard left the band and Clive joined the army. The next time he started playing in a rock band again was 10 years later.

Should have stayed longer for some “quite” songs. I don’t really like loud music, LOL.

Heading for Wolfsburg tomorrow, visiting the VW plant and museams.

That’s all I wanna say on a Friday night, or exactly, Saturday early morning.

P.S. Homework sucks. But I have to cope with all of it. Pluck up!

and, the “€ 10,950” price for a six-year-old Discovery Td5 XS S2 only urges me to get a driver’s licence. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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