政治立场坐标 Political Position
文化立场坐标 Cultural Position
经济立场坐标 Economics Position

政治观念坐标,负值为左,即威权主义 (Authoritarianism),正值为右,即自由主义 (Libertarianism)。

Political position: Negative value- left wing, i.e. Authoritarianism; Positive value- right wing, i.e. Libertarianism.

社会文化观念坐标,负值为保守与复古派 (Conservatism),正值为自由与激进派 (Liberalism)。

Social/Cultural position: Negative value- Conservatism; Positive value- Liberalism.

经济观念坐标,负值为左,即集体主义与福利主义 (Welfarism, Collectivism),正值为右,即新自由主义(Neoliberalism)。

Economics position: Negative value- Welfarism, Collectivism; Positive value- Neoliberalism.

三个维度的最大区间均为 [-2,2]。

Range of all three position is [-2, 2].


Based on the value standard of Chinese mainland political and social system, the test tries to reflect the unique circumstance and political culture of China. In this case, many questions denotes “Left” or “Right” only in the context of Chinese system, rather than a global one, which is frequently mentioned in the Western politics.



Test 測試:http://zuobiao.me/

Annual Report 年度總結:http://blog.farmostwood.net/politics_bdwm_2008summary

Quiz Analysis 題目分析:http://www.bullogger.com/blogs/mozhixu/archives/123876.aspx

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