Review and runaway

Storyline of 2009

Jan. | 16. 新年。

Feb. | Desperate for offers. Had one’s Goddamn Valentine’s Day. 寂寞。

Mar. | Hard choices was made. 抉擇。

Apr. | Returned to tranquility. Tour de Nanking. 清明。

May | Rediscover a life of my own, two documentaries, countless correspondences. 信件。

Jun. | Graduation. 反思。

Jul. | Learned to drive. 狂歡。

Aug.| Departure. 丟棄。

Sep. | First month in college. 追尋。

Oct. | Mid-term session. 思念。

Nov. | nothing. 療傷。

Dec. | Final, Christmas, Decision to stop M. and to start L. 整理。

Thank goodness the nasty 09 is gone forever, leaving nothing more than memory behind itself.


Shall it be gone forever.


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