the healing

Friday, Brunch time

Rafael: Man why you look so sleepy?

Dave: Well, there’s just nothing to get me high.

R: What!? Nothing to cheer you up?! Are you depressed by something man?

D: Ah, maybe. But the problem is, I can’t find what the heck it is that I just feel kinda depressed from time to time.

R: Oh, that’s not true man. Look around, don’t you see all the girls over there? You don’t poorly sit here and stare, you go ahead and discover all this fantastic boobs around you man! I feel so excited to wake up every day and realize that there are so many females out there waiting for me man!

D: ……. I just don’t feel the excitement.

R: No man, are you kidding me? Are you gay?

D: …….. I don’t know. Shouldn’t be. I had some girlfriends.

R: Come on, be cheerful!

D: ……..

在纽约混迹四年拿到NYU BA的巴西男人相当不正经。不过和他这么聊了会之后还是感觉舒服了很多。

R:Be simple man, be simple then you can be happy.

D: Are you happy?

R: Yes, cuz I am simple!

D: What’s your name?

R: Rafael, why?

D: Oh you fucking liar, you told me you were “James” last Saturday in the bar.

R: ……..


去荒野里的陆虎展厅听了支摇滚乐队的预演,到Waldof school去听小朋友们的管弦乐团,结尾choir的合唱居然还是Alander Ryback的Fairy tale. 跟同Rynair的机长在Bremen Aiport四处闲逛,要不是因为自己的Passport就差点一同坐在驾驶舱里去了趟伦敦。看看照片都觉得时空错乱。


Sunday, dinner time.

D: Hey Rafael, how are you going man!

R: Oh, good. Are you feeling better now?

D: Ahhhh, wonderful! I saw many ‘boobs’ this weekend!

R: That’s your illusion. (Shrugging.)



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