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I was in bed when the phone rang, told by Jacob the meeting for Pulse was going on, and then with hesitation I replied saying that I was already sleeping. To my greatest surprise, he only paused for 5 seconds and possibly announced to the board members, as I heard in the phone: ,,David’s in bed, should he come? Let’s vote!”

10 minutes later, I was no longer in my lovely comfortable pajama and in a heck cold sweater fraught with fresh raindrops.

Executive board decided to send out questionnaires in order to find out more about people’s opinions on our newspaper. Since no one responded to who-would-to-the-task question, I said I could do that on Google docs. Then they asked, ,,When can you finish them?” I said maybe Sunday, then they said no that would be too late, then I said okay then Friday, then they said could you please do it earlier, then I said – ,,Okay, I am doing it IMMEDIATELY after the meeting.” Then a guy or maybe a gal or whoever kindly suggested, let’s finish it ASAP.

It was 2am when the weekly meeting ended. Then I worked for another hour for the questionnaire.

Thank goodness that someone is reading the work, vielen Dank! And now we are only focused on the paper edition only, not bothering with website anymore.


I skipped computer architecture for the math Mid-term. It turned out to be not so hard as I thought.


Nothing happened, I guess.

Oh, yea, I argued with the professor who announced that ,,China will achieve its goal in the reduction of emission of Green House Gases by enforcing new regulations prohibiting people to buy cars.”

And most importantly, I signed on a stupid petition paper to release an imprisoned Iranian female reporter. Why are people doing meaningless things, like gathering signatures all around the world and send it to some fucking fucker like Nejad with naïve ideas that it will help change his way of treating his people? It might make much more sense to give Noble Prize for Peace to Obama and ask him to send troops to help Iranians, I guess.


CS Lab finally ENDED!!!

On the way back I discovered a EECS student who was should be in Columbia. And his won the medal for K1 in Europe! Das ist ganz toll!

Weekend is not over yet.

Mid-term is coming, bunches of.



何况Mid-term要到了,生活只有两个状态,清醒和非清醒。哦,还有一个,我正处于的这个状态,reflexive. English还是有高深的词的嘛!

以上证明,1) I am able to use English to write something and it does make sense.     2)中国人是高层次的文化生命。 3)考试啦!




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