Can’t read you.

  1. National Volunteer Coast Guard (NVCG)
  2. Somalia Marine (SM)

……simply two out of four main influential forces that make up the clan-based and regional gangs group, internationally notorious as, Pirate. Oh, dear, it sounds so nice.

For the third time in three days, I acted as a ridiculously insane FBI agent at highest level alert, traveling through miles from place to place within hours after a call finishing loads of reading work taking notes that would possibly reach the thickness of a random house phrasebook thing if all get printed out. Why would I now tragically and ironically be at my own beck and call?!

-Why a 14-year-old boy is hijacking ships instead of going to school?

-Huh, cuz it’s much more thrilling than reading dumb textbooks in a class room.

I waited and waited, at the gate of railway station, for someone to pick me up. As if I was a 6 year old, ay, six year old. I pondered heck deeply for minutes and eventually gathered up enough courage to use my cell phone at the risk of being struck by an evil lightning down from intimidating heaven. I looked up to a building at the far end of the street, only too shocked to SEE the fork-like lightning arriving at the top of its lifeless steel rod, even if confirmed by the rumblings followed up. The little poor boy’s wish at that moment was no more than to stay alive, and blissfully not being electrocuted by nature.

-What enable pirates to attack ships so far from coast?

-They have WARSHIPS.

21 pages of backgrounds, over 100 web links of which most would be a potential resolution, can’t be a better way to practice and enhance a man’s ability to recognize randomized formation of 26 letters. Not even counting those disgusting French etiquette terms.

-How will the issue possibly be solved?

-Um, maybe, we can find a softer approach, telling the pirates that we actually love them for their lasting gentility?


P.S. I am not a workaholic, seriously not.


why it always reminds me of "ml not war?"


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