The practice, for ultimate aim.

Brandenburg Concerto No.2 in F major, BWV 1047 Trumpet in F, recorder, oboe,

牧童笛,Bach以前的最爱之一。可是呢,声响大的,更容易被听到,所以啊,后来他只能躺在音乐教室的箱子里了。相比不会再出现的viola da gamba,被孩子们玩耍是否是他的安慰。不知道从哪里突然想到这个伤感的故事。关于abandoned. 这歌不错,连混乱都符合心境挪威籍,苏联出生,白俄罗斯血统的小提,歌手,作曲还兼演员。开始拒绝乏味乐理课,幸好现在不考级不玩Jazz,也没那么多废话好讲… 拒绝进食,||: 早餐-white milk-午餐-black coffe-晚餐-black tea… :|| 拒绝正常作息,我就是睡不着折腾

重复地练习写满# & b的谱子,手指按的酸痛,几组半音听着很是难过。不过手指酸痛一定比嘴唇破了还在reed上染血好,现在还留着那片暗红的rico. 谱名很有情趣,无名指和小指的练习Is that to say, 如果练得不好,不是我的责任?哈哈。练习之余,接到电话,通知说选的SL小黑已经停产半年了,居然劝我移情就是喜欢S-L! 怎么着! 晚上去踢人,依旧没什么长进。因为枪炮玫瑰长的要命的estrange比平时多了三分钟往返冲刺,扯韧带的时候居然听到王菲的歌,对练总是踢偏,踹了尼库拉斯若干次。

拒绝睡觉的原因其实是睡不着。夜晚不能荒废,拒绝布赖恩辛格, 投奔卡文迪许。恢复正常逻辑思考,严肃。通信中断数日,邮件仍旧增加,任务繁重。

Facebook上和Mani有几次零碎的对话,一周以来每天早晨的NBC Nightly都是Tehran街头的混乱场景,反对派已经决定和宗教领袖决裂。Those
who believe in democracy rallied their courage and are saying “No” to the
result. It’s a coup! Where is my vote! Even God cannot help!
来自Meet the Press的最新消息是,他们的国家电视台已经宣布所有protestors都将被视为恐怖分子,移动电话服务午夜禁止,短信息业务无限期暂停。之后是Manitwitter msg, “it’s now tianmen
in Iran!” 笔记本里还有去年夏天Mani的字迹,记忆里那个拿了Caltech
却拿不到签证的中东学长。很是蔑视xinhuanet上“西方势力通过网络服务煽动”的恶心说法,至少,所有愿意走上街头的孩子们,都是为了一个自己想要的信仰: freedom.



too choose a major and other things…

    Practical Aspects

  1. Step1

    Consider which courses you’ve done well in previously and decide which major they have prepared you for.

  2. Step2

    Investigate the quality of the professors and courses. Ask your academic adviser which departments are well-regarded in their fields. Get a list of these departments’ courses to see if they interest you. Also ask students who are majoring in these subjects if they are satisfied with their respective programs and professors.

  3. Step3

    Do internships to get a feel for the kinds of jobs you could get with different majors.

  4. Step4

    Consider the requirements for any potential majors. Find out whether they can be completed in four years or if they require graduate studies, and consider whether you would be willing to spend the necessary time and money.

  5. Step5

    Look at the different fields to which your major can be applied. Try to find a major that will offer flexibility when you are looking for a job.

  6. Step6

    Think about the growth of the field that interests you. Is the field expanding? Are graduates with your major being hired right out of college, or do they need additional training?

  7. Step7

    Contemplate the earning potential and base salary of jobs that are related to certain majors. Think of the lifestyle you would like to maintain and how certain salaries may affect it.

  8. Personal Aspects

  9. Step1

    Figure out what it is you love to do. Are there fields of study that spark your interest, or have you taken courses that you particularly enjoyed?

  10. Step2

    Ask yourself whether you have what it takes to succeed in your major.

  11. Step3

    Think about whether you would be happier having a job you love with little pay or having a job you can tolerate with substantial pay. Choose a career course accordingly.

  12. Step4

    Be flexible; you have time to change your major if you are unhappy with it.


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