# Problem Set 0

# Name: S

# Time: 20min

surname= raw_input("your family name?")
firstname= raw_input("your first name?")
print "Your name can be formally written as:", surname, ",", firstname

花了一个上午看了下EECS的introductory course 6.00

got stuck, freak out, let go.

the life has utterly changed into an unrelated and repetitive list of things to finish. i live as if for nil but to fulfill the missions.
you wish to have all these to enjoy but no time, or time with none of these?

i feel like brainwashed by myself. it sucks, a little

a movie
"Naked in front of you, will you please allow me to read in peace with nothing evil in mind?"
i just finished the Reader in the morning. Rated as "R", S-thing with nobility.

few words
Explicit Is Better Than Implicit


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