Promises broken, faith trampled, can any man find even a dimmest light of hope.
Friend betrays, lovers separate, can any relationship last for a second without fear.
Hell has come to earth.

I do not dare to contemplate for a moment about this.

I seldom kept that promise. I made all a mess. I am seeking for atonement, while not knowing where I can find one.

It’s not too late to ask for atonement. It’s not a stupid thing to confess for the past.

Fool’s day has not yet come, and today is the end of a month.
I feel deepest guiltiness and sorrow truly and madly, but I do not know to whom can I confess. The suffering of being trapped, the fear to be teased, all of a sudden I get caught by the damned feeling like a helpless cub without the previous protector.

Lack of security is stifling me to the spiritual death, a young and naive but sophisticated mind fraught with weird ideas.
One slip on the mountain of life and you will fall into abyss.
And the worse thing is that right now you are driving on the highway with no slip-road.
No stop, no deceleration.
You are kidnapped by yourself.

I can’t be more serious the last night before Fool’s Day.
It is right what I perceive, tapping down the letters on the coal-black keyboard.

Non-existence is as profound, as simple and plain is our subjective existence.

Hopefully I pray, for the bright life unknown.

I do not only ask for blessings when catastrophe came, sins committed; I do so too, when I feel I should.
I do keep the very promise.


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