The work is done, the stage is set,
The decisions are made, not released yet,
We did our part, don’t you fret,
What you deserve, you will undoubtedly get!

If you’re admitted, CONGRATULATIONS!
Brighten your lives with deserved celebrations,
If you’re denied, don’t fall to desperations,
A brighter sun rises on the other horizon!

Remember friends the probabilities,
15600 applications for 1500 odd seats,
Only a tenth of us will get the treats,
Don’t forget, they aren’t the only sweets!

And Internationals, look at this,
120 seats is what it is,
But even if MIT gives a goodbye kiss,
You have your own country to reckon with.

MIT is a dream for us all, no doubt,
But it isn’t a place for such a large crowd,
Understandable reasons force them to say “OUT”,
Respect their decision, don’t call for a bout.

Rejection from MIT mustn’t lead to depression,
Rather, force you to seek salvation,
As the truth is now out in the open,
A brighter sun rises on the horizon!


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