Sorry madam, we don’t get paid.

那是在closing ceremony之前,帮场地组的同学协调工作,让CM队留下一个队员看场地。
David说’sorry this is our policy, it’s for the security of your luggages.’

‘You chink get paid and you deserve to stay here look after our luggages. If you don’t, who’ll do this?’

‘Sorry madam, we don’t get paid, since we are volunteers. I swear myslef do NOT get any payment for this! Even if there is a nasty payment less than 10 bucks every day for our work from 7am to 1am, we are not to be shouted at! And, we are NOT chink.’

Carriage Melon工程系Dean.


CM的学生很抱歉的跑过来表示想和我交换队服,告诉我那个教授一直这么’obdurate’.我摇了摇头,说了声thank you. 走到角落里。
或许她只是在CM输了比赛之后的愤怒之中一不小心说出了自己的真实想法。Yeah, YOU, CHINK. We pay you.

或许。听到Tehran Polytech的孩子们对着cellphone大叫’khodaace great David’的时候,才真正相信。

‘David is a great boy.’ Masutani教授也说过,’Why not come to Osaka University.’
‘Most Americans consider themselves to be superpowers and behave arrogantly toward others paying little attention to other people’s feeling.
‘But they are wrong. Not only them are superpowers, you guys will make China the superpower of the world. You will!’

Love, Iran.
Thank you, Japan.
Hey, America.


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